Facility Core 5: Integrative Health Sciences

Integrative Health Sciences (IHS) Facility Core provides the infrastructure and an interactive environment that supports productive collaborations among basic scientists, clinical researchers and public health practitioners, allowing novel hypotheses to be tested in integrative environmental health sciences. The IHS Core provides enhanced access for all Center members to populations, biospecimens, databases, assessment of exposure to airborne toxicants and selected other forms of environmental monitoring and methodologies from population-based and clinical studies. The Core also provides advice, services and training for study design, a variety of services for study implementation and bioinformatics support for data analysis. The IHS core is directed by Sara Strom, PhD and co-directed by George Delclos, MD, MPH, PhD and Bin Liu, PhD. Drs Strom and Liu are located at MD Anderson in the Departments of Epidemiology and Genetics respectively. Dr Declos is located at UT School of Public Health in the Division of Epidemiology.  Dr Strom is responsible for the overall direction and administration, as well as supervising the Population Studies component of the Core. Dr Delclos supervises the Exposure Assessment component, while Dr Liu is  in charge of the Bioinformatics component.