Facility Core 4: Cell & Tissue Analysis

The Cell and Tissue Analysis Facility Core includes flow cytometry and confocal microscopy services and is directed by Ellen Richie, PhD. Located in the Department of Molecular Carcinogenesis at the University of Texas MD Anderson Science Park in Smithville, Texas, this Facility Core includes a BD Biosciences FACSAria cell sorter and an LSRFortessa cell analyzer, as well as a Zeiss LSM510 confocal microscope. The flow cytometry service provides Center investigators with the ability to quantify surface and/or cytoplasmic protein expression in a variety of cell types, analyze the fraction of apoptotic cells, evaluate cell cycle parameters and sort cells into purified subsets based on these and other criteria. Confocal microscopy complements the quantitative advantages of flow cytometry by localizing cells, organelles or other subcellular components that express particular surface or cytoplasmic proteins in tissue sections using high-resolution digital imaging. For additional information please view the Services and Price Structure documents to the right or contact Dr. Richie directly.