Facility Core 3: Integrated Imaging, Pathology, & Histology

The Integrated Imaging, Pathology, and Histology (IIPH) Facility Core provides CRED researchers with the highest quality, customized experimental pathology support in a coordinated, convenient, and cost-effective manner. IIPH recently centralized and expanded its services to include ante mortem imaging (high resolution radiography, high frequency ultrasound), gross and microscopic pathology evaluations by a board-certified veterinary pathologist, histology and immunohistochemistry optimized for rodent tissues (over 300 validated antibodies currently offered), and advanced microscopy techniques (laser capture microdissection, virtual slide creation, morphometry). IIPH is located in the Department of Molecular Carcinogenesis at the University of Texas MD Anderson Science Park in Smithville, Texas.   Donna Kusewitt, DVM, PhD, ACVP is the Facility Core Director and also serves as the veterinary pathologist, performing gross and microscopic pathology services. She is assisted by two Laboratory Managers: Carlos Perez, DVM, PhD, (Imaging) and Nancy Wick Otto, BS, HTL, QIHC (Histology).  For additional information please view the Services and Price Structure documents to the right or contact Dr. Kusewitt directly.