Facility Core 2: Protein & Metabolite Analysis

The Protein and Metabolite Analysis Facility Core provides sophisticated protein identification, characterization and quantitation, as well as metabolite, nutrient and pharmaceutical detection and quantification. This core is directed by Maria Person, PhD who has over 20 years of experience with mass spectrometry and for the past fourteen years she has focused on applications of mass spectrometry to biological and biomedical problems, giving her the necessary expertise to support Center investigators' research efforts. The Protein and Metabolite Analysis Facility is located at UT Austin and instrumentation is located in the College of Pharmacy and in the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology. This facility uniquely provides Central Texas researchers with protein and metabolite processing and analysis services, bringing together the necessary expertise for handling biological samples and developing appropriate analytical methods for their analysis. A highly qualified staff provides services and collaborates with researchers to ensure appropriate project design and high quality data for investigating the role of environmental factors in human disease. For additional information please view the Services and Price Structure documents to the right or contact Dr. Person directly.