The Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC) develops educational materials and programs to inform students and adults about the risks, etiology and prevention of environmental disease. Public education and outreach to the local community has a critical role to play in communicating not only the Center's research findings but also in providing practical translation of this data into accurate, trustworthy and useful information about risk reduction and disease prevention.

The COEC has a three pronged approach to meet its goal:

  • Develop programs and projects that respond to community needs and translate Center research to lay audiences.
  • Develop and maintain educational programs that encourage and support careers in environmental health science and public health.
  • Facilitate Center research through educational outreach to study populations.

 All COEC programs and activities are designed around Center research themes and expertise and include participation of Center faculty at all levels of program design and implementation. The key principles of this Program are at the core of COEC’s efforts to increase public awareness of environmental health sciences and to promote the inter-relationships between the people of Central Texas and CRED research and researchers.