Career Development

The Career Development and Mentoring Program (CDMP) is led by Director Richard Wood, PhD and Co-Director Stephen Hursting, PhD, MPH. The mission of the CDMP is to attract and cultivate young talent in the environmental heath sciences. A multi-faceted approach, described below, is available to foster career development of junior and mid-career faculty towards becoming scientific leaders.

  • Recruit to CRED and Center-affiliated departments new junior faculty with research and teaching interests compatible with the CRED mission to “define the interactions between genetic, epigenetic and dietary factors that influence host responses to environmental exposures”.
  • Provide mentorship to new and current CRED junior faculty, to help them achieve their potential as scientists, teachers, and communicators.
  • Give junior faculty access to unique career development opportunities and resources to advance their science careers by incorporating an environmental health approach into their research projects.
  • Promote research collaborations and grant opportunities for junior and mid-career CRED investigators.
  • Provide opportunities for cross training of CRED investigators in new techniques and technologies to promote translational research.

If you are interested in mentoring opportunities please contact  Dr. Wood, Program Director or Sydni McGahan, Center Administrator.